Menin Gate Menin Gate Menin Gate The lion of the Empire looking to the east into the Ypres Salient for his sons. 83729109 83729110 Menin Gate East end of the gate showing the lion. 83729111 Menin Gate Interior view showing just a snap shot of the names on one wall - they cover the memorial inside and out. 83729112 Menin Gate Looking west from the interior of the gate. 83729113 Menin Gate The last post has been played every night at 8pm since the late 1920s - not once a year - EVERY night. Very moving and always well attended. 83729114 Menin Gate 83729115 Menin Gate North side view of the gate. 83729116 Menin Gate More views of the walls, showing the lengthy lists of the missing. 83729117 Menin Gate Wreaths such as these are found lying all about the gate. 83729118 Menin Gate Last Post 83729119 Menin Gate The gate from the south side after dark. 83729120 Menin Gate Moving image of the east side of the Gate. 83729121