William Hay

Canadian Author


Released Spring 2010!!! 

With Firm Hearts 


"The author has captured the characters and added personalities to them, giving considerable insight into their thoughts and actions, all based on his research into each of them. I enjoyed reading this book, and recommend it without reservation. "

Al Lloyd - Webmaster 21st Battalion Website; Princess of Wales Own Regiment Historian; 

With Firm Hearts is the story of Canadians at the outset of the First World War. Driven by historic characters and events, the story follows Canada, a peace loving nation and its struggles to prepare for war and train an army. The trials and tribulations culminate with their baptism of fire at Ypres, Belgium, in the spring of 1915.

Taut prose propels the story encompassing, not only the strategy and operations of the war, but also the fears, desires and sentiments of the story's characters. Relying heavily on historical literature, the author has taken fact and orchestrated a dramatic, captivating account. Like the image in a painting or an old photo being brought to life, an enthralling story of the First World War and Canada’s part has resulted.

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