William Hay

Canadian Author

The Going Down of the Sun


The sequel to With Firm HeartsThe story follows historical characters who were met in the first novel. A number of new characters are introduced and followed through a host of horrendous battles Canada found her sons participating in 1915 and 1916. These battles result in scads of casulties no one had ever envisioned in August 1914. The story ends following their participation at the Somme.

The Going Down of the Sun is being completed.


Crusaders of Freedom


Crusaders of Freedom is an historical fiction about the Spanish Civil War (1937 to 1939).

The novel follows Matt and Ian Cowley; two brothers from the Maritimes during the depression. They are separated in the Canadian West following the failed attempt to provoke the Canadian Government, lead by Prime Minister Bennett, to change their policies during the 'On To Ottawa' march. Matt heads home to New Brunswick to look after their ailing mother, while Ian, stays with the social-based movement in the west. At the out break of the Spanish Civil War, Ian and his associates are drawn to aid the Spanish people.

After the death of their mother, Matt finds out Ian has volunteered for 'The Cause' and heads to Spain to join him. Their journey takes them down differing paths and the reader follows both Canadian men as they stand along side an international army of volunteers fighting against fascism.

 Crusaders of Freedom is being completed.